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When I close my eyes and think of summer   

I can taste lemon ices. The recipe is so simple: Shave some ice by hand until you’ve made some snow. Scoop some of the snow into a corrugated little white paper cup. Squeeze some lemons and pour the juice lightly over the snow and enjoy! Don’t worry about lemon pits. They only add to the authenticity. No extra flavoring, high fructose corn syrup or cane sugar needed. On a hot summer day, nothing could be so pleasant, so simple and so satisfying. Yum.

Look back to Oyster Bay, Long Island in the late 1950s. Walk down South Street, walk past Snouder’s Drug Store and make a left on Audrey. Pass the movie theatre and on the left side of the street, at the end of the block, you’ll find a little wooden stand. If you are really lucky, the guy who makes the ices would be there. Single cups were a nickel…maybe a dime. Nothing could be more satisfying as a quick snack going to or from the beach.

This was a time of simplicity. There were no computers or iPhones, no air conditioners and the TVs were black and white. You had a choice of six or seven channels and you could watch your favorite shows for free.





Who needed more than Rocky and His Friends? You entertained yourself playing stick ball with ‘Spauldeens’ or chasing the kid next door. Equally simple and simply perfect, lemon ices were a rare treat that fit right in. 

Now the world is complex, noisy and continually immediate. No need to send away box tops or save green stamps for a special prize. Letters no longer require a mailman and a barking dog to announce their arrival. No one waits for anything. Gratification must be immediate. Slow down! You move too fast! You’ve got to make the morning last!

If only I could go back in time.

Well, I can! 

            Imagine my delight when I discovered that the little snack stand in Oyster Bay still exists! Could it be? They still sell snowy lemon ices sweetened with juice and dotted with pits! The Bonanza family continues the tradition that made us delight and smile. If you ever visit the North Shore of Long Island, make a point of driving by and enjoying the delicious fresh taste. It’s magical and delicious! Close your eyes and its 1958 again!



About The Author

Karl Zuk

Karl has worked at ABC, CBS, and NBC Television over his 40 year span working as a broadcast engineer.