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40 Years of Broadcast Experience
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nab 2022 reviews

Coming soon

A review of some of the latest equipment and companies featured at NAB 2022.

From production gear  to servers and distribution, NAB 2022 promises to showcase some very influential equipment that could be a game changer to your asset flow.

Check back in January for insights.



The broadcast industry has changed dramatically during Karl’s tenure in the industry. From analog to digital to the present world of streaming, Karl’s expert understanding of broadcast technology enables him to write about the industry’s past and observe the trends leading into the future.


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Design The Future

Design The Future

UX / UI Design The Future Karl Zuk, author How will the future look? Does the world simply evolve at random? Do things just magically appear? Hardly. All man-made creations are designed. Everything that nature did not create required human thought, creativity and...

Grazing in the grass with robin

Grazing in the grass with robin

Grazing in the Grass with Robin28ROBIN IS THE STATE BIRD OF 3 STATESAstronomy Life SocietyGood conversations with different species are a hard 'get.' Recently, after endless negotiations, I was granted an interview with possibly the most famous bird around. The robin...

into the woods

into the woods

It’s Memorial Day. I can’t think of a better time, at the start of vacation season, to reminisce about summers past. As a child, summertime meant only one thing: going to North Adams, Massachusetts. Here’s what it was like…              I couldn’t sleep! Sitting on my...

tech corner

Karl is actively involved in the ham radio community. He has been published in the New York Times, a writer for Monitoring Times Magazine, Dolby evaluator for LucasFilms ThX Sound,  and has contributed to the Peekskill Cortland Amateur Radio Association’s newsletter for 22 year. 

Karl Zuk

Karl has worked at ABC, CBS, and NBC Television over his 40 year span working as a broadcast engineer.